Ideas to Impact

Funded by the Research & Evidence Division of DFID, Ideas to Impact is running innovation prizes focused on energy access, climate change adaptation and water & sanitation. My team (Evaluation & Learning) is trying to find out whether innovation prizes work and what they can offer to donors. My main role is coordinating the evaluations and sharing what we are learning about:
  • value & use of innovation prizes for development 
  • risks and ethics of using prizes for social change
  • the day-to-day practicalities of designing and running prizes
  • how to evaluate prizes and how behaviour change theory can help
WASH Results

Another DFID-funded programme, WASH Results aims to support poor people in 12 countries to access improved water and sanitation, and to introduce improved hygiene practices. WASH Results is a Results Based Finance programme which means payments to Suppliers are contingent on verification of their monitoring and reporting systems by an Independent Verifier. I'm the Communications Manager for the Verification Team, and disseminating the findings of the Evaluation Team.